Busy Bags Exchange

Our Busy Bag exchange this past Saturday was small but fun! I just wanted to share our new goodies with you. The best part...they're all handmade toys and fairly easy to make! I'll link some tutorials to them online, in case you feel so inspired. ;-)

Priest Peg Dolls

This fun little Mass toy was made with the help of this fabulous tutorial. If you aren't already acquainted with the Catholic Icing blog don't waste another minute...hop on over! It's a fantastic resource for Catholic parents and teachers!

Matching Game (Numbers)

The lovely lady who made these sets hand drew them all and each set was different. I picked the numbers set for Sister Stinky since she'll be learning them soon. She came up with her patterns on her own, but she was inspired by this website.

Dinosaur Clothespin Activity

Sister Stinky loves this one! She's finally gaining the fine motor skills to actually be able to open and close the clothespins. The mama who made these was inspired by the tutorial found here.

Popsicle Match-up

I've been wanting to make these for the longest time, and I was so excited for the opportunity to do it! You could use this tutorial to make a simple paper version, but I opted for a sewn felt version like this one.

I also want to throw out there the importance of reinforcing any toddler toy you make that's paper or even cardboard! We had access to a laminator for our morning together, but one of the mamas opted for contact paper and that worked well, too!

Next up...we're organizing a saint peg doll swap! That exchange is up and coming at the end of Lent, but if you've done one and have any suggestions let us know. :-)


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