"Baby? Tummy?"

Trying to think up a question to stump her doting parents with, no doubt. 

Ever since she was a newborn, Sister Stinky has been a social person. She was always trying to say something and the Abbot recently commented, while watching a baby video of her, that even her eyes seemed more engaged than a lot of newborns. As soon as she could make noises other than crying, she started talking to us in her own "words." I have tons of memories of sitting with her propped on my knees or sitting in her car seat under my desk (in our "take your daughter to work everyday" stage of life) and having "conversations" with her. I would say something to her, wait a minute, and she would say something back. I made a point of having a longish "conversation" with her at least once every day because we both seemed happier when she'd had the opportunity to "check in" with Mommy. (This was when she was 6 weeks to 2 months old...)

As she's grown older she's continued to be a social person. She'll nap if she isn't physically exhausted but without sufficient social stimulation she struggles to sleep. When we go to the park and other kids and moms are there, I groan inwardly (being an introvert) and she positively lights up with excitement (being an extrovert). Within minutes, she's usually found a friend.

So, it makes sense that she is trying her best to understand her newest friend, the "Baby? Tummy?"

In attempt to rack up all the "getting to know you" info she can, she asks such classic questions as, 

"Baby tummy [points to Mommy's tummy] poopy?" No, the baby does not go poopy in there.

"Baby tummy Dada [points to the Abbot's stomach]?" No, Daddy certainly does not have a baby in his tummy.

"Baby tummy [says her own name and points to her tummy]?" No, sweetheart, you don't have a baby in your tummy...but you used to be in Mommy's tummy.

Last week, she came with us for our prenatal appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat and kicking on the doppler. She hasn't stopped talking about it since. 

Today I was working on something in our room, and Sister Stinky comes bouncing in, wearing her toy stethoscope. Very seriously she said, "Baby tummy!" and then proceeded to "listen" to my belly and fill in her own heartbeat sound effects of "boop! boop! boop!" and smiled her approval.

Other times she is constantly reminding us of how she heard the baby kicking. "Baby tummy... doctor... kick! Kick! Kick!"

Every night before bed she hugs and kisses the baby (i.e. by hugging and kissing Mommy's little baby belly). She has made huge progress since the first conversations we had about the baby, shortly after an abrupt weaning (sadly due to my hyperemesis dehydration becoming so bad it resulted in a couple hospital visits...otherwise she would have tried to nurse as long as humanly possible).

Look, Sweetheart? Do you see the picture of the baby in Mommy's tummy? (showing her the first ultrasound picture)



"Baby, nilk?"

Yes, the baby will drink Mommy's milk, just like you did.

[Throws down the ultrasound picture.] "No! No! No!"

She then proceeded to refuse to talk about the baby for days.

So yes, progress has been made.

We'll see what she says when we tell her the baby's coming out of Mommy's tummy eventually...


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that little girl so much! Great story with the stethoscope--too cute! She'll be a great big sister, for sure:)


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