7 Quick Takes

1. Finally almost caught up on Minor Revisions. I still need to see the last episode but I loved the first two. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out!

2. Kind of a plodding along week here. I'm almost sixteen weeks along and definitely feeling baby move, but no end of nausea in sight (although my morning are mostly nausea free, thankfully). If this little kiddo is like Sister Stinky, the end of the nausea may not come until late July/labor.

3. Speaking of crazy hyperemesis phenomenom...I mentioned my "baby lump" the other day. I've found other women online who have experienced this, but none of my mom friends have. It is the strangest, funniest, and most comforting thing, though, to feel baby's little "lump of a self" moving position in addition to the kicks. Silver lining to losing all my padding in the first trimester?

4. Speaking of babies, I have a friend expecting one at the end of April and a group of us are planning her baby shower. I'm pretty excited about it!

5. I'm actually pretty excited about Lent, too. It'll be my 4th Lent that I won't be fasting either due to nursing or pregnancy, but I've got some other things in mind to help me hopefully grow in faith. Besides, having hyperemesis is pretty much like fasting all the time anyway, right? Hoping, hoping my food tolerance increases! But if not...grateful for the foods I can eat!!

6. Look for a post later today or tomorrow linking back to our previous Lenten activities around here.

7. The blog is almost a year old and approaching its 100th post. I feel like a celebration is in order. We shall see....

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  1. oh yeah i forgot to reply to your text....def never felt the "baby lump" either!

  2. I most definitely have the baby lump with every kid! I also feel them kicking starting at 13 weeks...

    1. Oh, good...so I'm not alone in that! I felt this little one start kicking so early!!


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