7 Quick Takes

1. There's so much snow outside! The Abbot and I (northerners though we may be) are constantly put to shame by the shoveling efficiency of the neighbors behind us.

2. The Abbot is more of a "I'll plow through the snow if I can and if I get stuck I'll pull out a shovel." Do you know one of these? He's usually successful until we get to the head of the driveway...

3. Thanks for anyone who had encouraging words for the last post. Please do check out the new book when you get a chance because I'm pretty excited about it!

4. Potty training has commenced. It is mostly unsuccessful. Our dear Sister Stinky is stubborn with most transitions.

5. Right now I'm listening to a Brother Francis dvd playing in the next room. We borrowed it from our friends and Sister Stinky is rapidly developing an addiction. We may need to get some of our own!

6. The songs are just sooo catchy and upbeat! They'll be stuck in my head all day! (Which is an improvement from having songs from The Muppets seared in my brain.)

7. Go to Jen!


  1. Heyyyyy, Brother Francis!

    The girls need to watch the Bread of Life episode together sometime. It has my favorite Brother Francis clip ever, in which two grapes have a conversation as one is literally sawing himself off from the vine. "Uh, are you sure you want to do that? You're not looking so good."

    1. Ohhhh...yes. Please! I kind of want to get all the kids together this week for a Brother Francis movie watch while the mamas drink some tea and coffee :-)


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