7 Quick Takes

1. The next post is my 100th! I'll have to make it something special.

2. Fast approaching my one year blogiversary...celebrating must be in order for that, as well!

3. A pictures for you:

4. I took the above picture while I was transferring most of the tot school materials out of our tv cabinet to some shelves in the Abbot's and my room (so they're more easily accessible). I just took the boxes out to move them, but little Sister Stinky dove right in and started doing a number of different tot school activities on her own! Miss Stubborn wouldn't do them if I set them up for her, but if she initiated the activity? Well that's a horse of a different color!

5. Tying in to #4...it's all about letting go. I think that God had to make my vocation be mothering littles so I would learn that lesson and stop trying to control everything! Lesson...not quite learned. But I'm getting there!

6. Not sure how many pregnant mamas out there have bad round ligament pain or low lying babes, but if you have either...you simply must get a pregnancy support band! I don't know how I survived my pregnancy with the Stinker without one! There are some great ones on clearance here. I got the Medela one. Free shipping on this site and worth every penny you spend!!!

7. I've got a special intention today. Can you say a prayer for it? Thanks!

Go see Jen!


  1. Well, the 18th is the feast day of Fra Angelico, the famous painter. That would be a sweet day to mark your 100th post! Or maybe mark the anniversary with a picture of Little Baby? that would totally make my day. I'm just sayin';)


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