7 Quick Takes

1. I think I'm actually a bear. Seriously. In the winter I'm constantly cold and could pretty much live under the covers of a million quilts. (Not to mention my nausea medicine for my hyperemesis gravidarum has a sleeping pill component mixed in there which makes me super relaxed and a tad bit sleepy.)

2. I also think I'm a bear because, while going to the bathroom this morning, I heard growling followed by the bathroom door being pushed open to reveal a small panda bear. (She wears that mask so that you can't even see her eyes, which makes it much more creepy.) She claimed to be my off-spring.

3. Have you checked out the Goodwill book section ever? If you haven't, you're really missing out! I'm planning a baby shower for a friend who's due to deliver late April and I'm been stopping by to look for books fitting the theme of the shower. Not only have I had success with that each time I've visited by I usually end up walking out with some extras! I have such a soft spot for books...and how could I not at 30 cents and 50 cents a piece!

4. Did you ever read From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? It's a children's literature must. Anyway, that book always makes me think of where I'd like to go run away. Hobby Lobby is my choice. Every time. I tend to lose track of time when I'm in that store.

5. I had to go there yesterday because I'm participating in a Busy Bags morning this morning! Getting together with a few friends to make some new toddler toys.

6. My contributions are: this and this.

7. Happy Candlemas/Feast of the Presentation!

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  1. Yes, I did read that book, or at least I vaguely remember watching a TV-movie version, haha. And priest peg dolls look like so much fun! Though Fr. Pius is still my favorite priest doll:)


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