17 weeks

I had to squeeze this post in tonight because tomorrow I am officially 18 weeks pregnant! A dear faithful reader of the blog has been begging me for a "baby bump" picture and I promised to deliver as soon as I had gained enough weight back to actually be showing :-)

The good news is that the nausea is becoming more mild (but most likely will stay throughout the rest of the pregnancy...but for less of the day and with less intensity!) and I have been able to eat some more substantial foods so I finally LOOK like I'm about halfway through this pregnancy.

So I give you...Little Baby and I at 17 weeks!

(Excuse the messy bed in the back...this was taken on a Saturday morning...and my energy and motivation wane by that point in the week. I don't make myself make the bed on Saturday or Sunday!)

There you have it! Not too big but definitely respectable for almost 18 weeks! At this point in the pregnancy I still don't usually relish food (that doesn't really come until the first meal post labor and delivery) but I can tolerate it and almost enjoy it so I can finally start gaining a healthy weight. I always tell my poor worrying parents not to stress too much that first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester because my babies and I tend to manage alright overall :-)

So far this little one is a MAJOR mover! Lots of strong kicks. I first started feeling Little Baby's kicks around 11/12 weeks (ridiculously early...Sister Stinky was pretty early, too) and they have been increasing in strength and frequency. I was really thinking this baby was a boy (especially since my food tolerances and tastes are the exact opposite of last time - beef, vegetables, savory things instead of fruits, breads, and sweet things like my pregnancy with Sister Stinky) but now I'm wondering...because this baby moves ALOT for this early in my pregnancy. It may or may not be an old wive's tale, but they do say that girls move more in utero than boys. Not sure if there's any truth to that, but Sister Stinky kicked and wiggled a ton, too...so we'll see!

Never fear...I'm not one of those people with the patience and self-control to wait to find out the gender until the baby is born. We found out with our first Stinker and we'll definitely be finding out with this one in a couple weeks. Expect updates :-)

Prayers are appreciated, especially for my iron levels. My food tolerances have been so low up until now that I've had a hard time keeping my iron up but things seem to be improving. (I can actually tolerate some meat now!) Prayers would still be appreciated!


  1. BABY (and pretty Mommy)!!! :D Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! What a great way to end a Monday by reading this post:) Love you!!!


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