Winter Survival Series: Painting with Water

Sister Stinky and I have both reached that point - the point where winter loses it's cozy feel and you desperately want spring to come! Our already small house feels even smaller, and we both start going a little stir crazy. Last week, Sister Stinky kept asking, "Outside?" and was pretty upset when she heard it was too cold to go out.

I've got to note, that after growing up in Northern Indiana/Michigan, I am grateful for the winters farther south. I miss the snow (which we don't get nearly as much of down here) but I love the brevity of the winter months! Where we used to live, winter easily stretched into April, and April snow showers weren't all that unusual. You weren't guaranteed warmth until May, really. Not to mention the fact that winter started at the end of October...well...winter was long! Where we live now winter starts in December and goes through February. Isn't that lovely? And there are plenty of sunny days in between, and even occasional warm fronts that feel just like spring. So really, I shouldn't complain ;-)

That being said, post naptime in the winter is the worst! Cranky kiddos need fresh air at that time, but what's a mom to do if it's already getting dark out on top of being freezing? So I bring you...the Winter Survival Series!

I've found it helps to have a fun activity planned for post nap times. Our first activity...painting with water!!

Did you ever paint with water as a child? I remember loving it, but I had totally forgotten it until recently! Sister Stinky has been wanting to paint recently but this poor mom has been too nauseous to cope with that activity. Enter...painting with water!

We actually found our "paint with water" book at the dollar store but I know you can also find them online here and here...and I'm sure plenty of other places, too!

It's the simplest art activity ever! You just fill a small cup with water, give your tot a paintbrush and they're off! Because your main ingredient is water, it's easy clean-up, too. ;-)

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