Montessori Inspired Toddler Room: Updated!

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It's been a while since you've seen Sister Stinky's Toddler Room...and we have some updates! One of the things that I love the most about the Montessori philosophy is the idea of making everything accessible for small children - including small furniture, easy access to clothes, a mirror at their height, a bed at their level, etc. Although Sister Stinky's room may have a few more toys in it than a traditional Montessori room, her room is certainly set up in the spirit of Montessori - most everything accessible at her level! She's really begun to take ownership of her room, and enjoys going there when she wants to play or read or color by herself. (Of course, she always likes visits from Mommy and Daddy, too!)

Let's take a tour, shall we? Some features:

The Floor Bed (featured earlier this week, and still a huge hit!):

A rocking chair that is her size, and a small doll bed next to it (she loves tucking her "babies" in "night-night").

An interactive area with simple, open-ended materials: a simple doll house, an overhead projector (with window blocks and such to explore with), a magnetic board and magnets, and a flannel board...

We still have this fabulous little corner but now it's grown to include a basket with clothes for "dress-up." (We are very in to dramatic play these days!)

Sister Stinky's favorite spot: a desk (her size) well stocked with crayons! Normally there is a piece of paper here for her to "draw" and "write" on. She often retreats to this corner throughout the day and can be seen busily scribbling away!

Kind of a blurry picture, but just wanted to mention her clothes for the day are in lower drawers...that way she can see her pants/skirts and shirt options for the day and decide for herself what to wear. (With Mommy coaxing her to try and not pick out anything too wonky!)

And finally, her main collection of books and toys in her room, on rotation. She loves picking books out from this shelf! Currently we have out a wooden tool set, some puzzles, some duplos, a shape sorter, some wooden letters, a "pop'n pals" toy, and a box with small knobbed cylinders and part of the pink tower. (She's still not super interested in those last two, but that's alright.) 

Growing with her interests and new abilities! How is your tot's room looking these days?


  1. How do you keep her from playing with all of the toys during naps or at night? The older two boys sleep in the same room (right off of ours) and I had to take all toys and boks out because they would totally destroy the books and hit each other with the toys. It was just a mattress and a dresser but the younger kid climbed the dresser and it fell on top of him- twice. So now the room is just a mattress and it still turns into a gymnastics class in there with flips off the bed. Seriously, how do you do it????

    1. Haha...ask me that question again when I have more than just one little girl! I think that if I had three little boys my experience would be the same as yours ;-) She does play a little when she's winding down sometimes but we mainly just want her to stay in her room and be quiet (and she's such an overly cautious little girl that she doesn't do much damage, haha) so we don't mind that. I'm convinced that our next one will have to be super energetic and adventurous to make up for how cautious this little girl is!!


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