For the Sake of Life

Today is a dark day in our country - the 40th anniversary of the passing of Roe vs. Wade. It is a day that we should hold our children closer, knowing that their generation is one of survivors.

Earlier in our relationship, the Abbot and I had the opportunity to take a stand for life in a very public way. By the grace of God, introverts though we are, we were able to speak out for the sake of the unborn.

But then came marriage and our little Sister Stinky and we've entered a quieter period in our lives. We still feel strongly about the the importance of defending the life of unborn little ones, and we still care deeply and pray for healing for all women who have suffered the terrible effects of abortion. But we aren't in a place where we can do as much outside of our home.

Newborn Sister Stinky...ready to turn our lives upside down

I'll never forget the first moment we heard Sister Stinky's tiny heart beating. She'd only been nestled inside me for 4 short weeks, but already she had changed our lives. 

And we are in this new stage of life. We're in the midst of a time that God is calling us to witness to life by welcoming new little life into the world. It is no easy task for our family, as I suffer from Hyperemesis gravidarum when pregnant. Many women - most I'd wager to guess - suffer from some form of morning sickness, but hyperemesis is something else all together. It is altogether debilitating, leading to weeks or months in bed, multiple hospital trips for rehydration, little food, and nausea so severe that even rolling over in bed or a trip to the bathroom can cause dry heaving and throwing up. Both times that I have suffered from it, I've needed medication, but this second time has been worst from the first, in many ways. When I was pregnant with Sister Stinky, I was still working most days - although many of my hours had to be done in home from bed, I had to go into work to teach classes in the evenings. But this second time - this second time, the nausea started much earlier, and was more severe. It only a few days after Thanksgiving, and life is just now beginning to resemble something a little bit more normal. (Second trimester and a decent amount of time on my specially compounded medicine - basically a B6 compound with some other components - make me reach a point that more resembles "normal morning sickness".)

That's right....I said just now returning to normal. That's right...I said second time around.

Because right now, nestled safely inside me, is our newest little one. A little one whose precious heartbeat has already caused us so much joy. A little one worth every moment of suffering.

This is the way, I've come to realize, God is calling us to witness to the sanctity of unborn life right now. The entire last two months have seen all three of our lives - mine, the Abbot's, and Sister Stinky's - turned completely upside down. All of us have had to make sacrifices so that this little one could continue to grow and thrive, and so that this Mama could continue to be as healthy as possible. It's meant a lot of patience on the part of Sister Stinky, a lot of servitude on the part of the Abbot, and large dose of humility and endurance on my part. God has blessed us with much grace.

Sister Stinky hugging the Little Baby. She insists on "hugging" and 
"kissing" the baby before bed each night.

As difficult is pregnancy is for me, though, I'm reminded of many women for whom it is much more difficult. I'm reminded of many women who aren't surrounded with the kind of love and support that has made this journey easier for me. 

It is these women and their children who I hold in my heart and prayers tonight. May we one day see a day where expectant mothers and their children are once more seen with the love and support that they so desperately need. Will you join me tonight, especially, in praying for them and in praying for legal protection for all unborn children?

Thank you all for your patience in my long absence! It's good to be back :-)



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