A Floor Bed

Yesterday, the Abbot and I finally made the decision...we dismantled the crib (actually the Abbot did while Sister Stinky and I left the house to pick up something from Craigslist), and put the mattress on the floor, ala "floor bed" style. Floor beds are very Montessori, but typically they are started from the time that a child is an infant. We weren't that brave, but I do think she is now ready for a floor bed.

The Montessori thought behind it is that the floor bed enables the child to get up from bed on his or her own, to lay down in bed whenever she is tired during the day, and to learn to respond to her own tiredness. In all honesty, we just went straight to a floor bed because we were ready to make this transition with her, but not ready to fork over money for a toddler or twin bed. But do you know what? I'm kind of glad it worked out this way! I think Sister Stinky really loves having the mattress she's always slept on (this is her crib mattress) and having the freedom to get in and out of bed throughout the day. The first night went well, but we'll see how things go when the novelty wears off ;-)

This gives you an idea of where her bed is in relation to other things in her room. Next to her bed she has a book basket, and she and I picked out some books to keep in that basket last night. One of my means of survival with the hyperemis has been reading in bed and she's seen me do plenty of that in the last two and a half months! She was very excited to be able to crawl into bed and do her own reading in bed. :-)

Coming up later this week...

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  1. I had floor bed too when I was her age, but more so 'cause 3 of us shared a room and there was no space for two bed frames. And I had a cute quilt my aunt made me. I love the idea of a book basket--I just pile all my books on the floor and trip over them, haha.


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