7 Quick Takes

1. As long as I've known him, and even before  I knew him, the Abbot has been a "late night study" person. But this week, he's  started waking up early to work.

2. I actually really like early mornings and I think I like them even better now that we have a toddler who has begun "sleeping in". Quiet mornings = bliss.

3. Please keep all those at the March for Life in your prayers today! The Abbot and I have sadly never been but I very much want to take our kiddos there when they're a bit older.

4. Thanks to those who wished us well on the big pregnancy announcement! For those who asked, Little Baby is due at the end of July. Pregnancy is so not fun for me, but thinking about my little summer baby is keeping my spirits up :-)

5. I've had some "two steps forward, one step back" days with the hyperemesis gravidarum this week, but in a week of prayer and fasting for life it has helped knowing i can "offer it up" along with the prayers and sacrifices being made by so many this week.

6. I had a good discussion with some friends yesterday about the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. That, combined with some of the videos put out by "pro-choice" organizations this week has really made me think. Have you read Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis? (If you haven't, drop everything right now and get thee a copy!)  One of Screwtape's major pieces of advice to Wormwood is that the best way to corrupt is not by telling straight out falsehoods, but simply to twist the truth a bit. The videos I saw this week were a perfect example of this - the truth twisted just enough to mislead. It saddens and frustrates me deeply. Keep up the prayers and witness to the truth of the sanctity of all life, friends!

7. If you can please say a little prayer for the Abbot this morning. He has to take an exam this morning to prove his reading proficiency in French (one of those crazy doctoral rements). Thanks!

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  1. Hey friend! First off - big congrats! I'm trying to be a better blogger these days. I'll be around more often so I won't miss announcements like that! :) Also, things from Screwtape stick with me like no other. The part you mentioned especially. It truly is amazing how a little twist creates a giant lie.

    Hope you're well!

    1. Thanks, friend! I hope you've getting plenty of rest! I worked when our Stinky was little ( from the time she was 6weeks til she was about 9 months). It is EXHAUSTING being a working Mama so be sure you've good to yourself and get plenty of rest!

  2. I found your blog through {phfr}, and have so enjoyed reading your posts! What a beautiful, wise soul you have. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and wishing you much strength and an ease in your suffering these coming months. -Jaime

    1. Many thanks, especially for your kind words! I hope you check back often ;-)

  3. CS Lewis is great! It's so true about twisting the truth, and with all the social media, twisted truth can more easily reach people:( But the same can be said for the Truth too. This promo for the March for Life is a good example:

  4. Hi, friend! I'm going to have to disagree with you on that video. Anyone worth their salt in the pro-life movement would hopefully know that that speech is about Newton...but that's the point of the video...to say, "Mr. President, listen to yourself! Shouldn't your words apply to all our children?!"

  5. Congrats on another baby! I am just now getting back to blogging and I am happy to see that you are too!


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