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We're still here! I can't even begin to summarize all you've missed but I'll try...


Prep for someone's 2nd birthday took a lot of time...well spent!


Then, the Abbot went out of town for a week to present at two different conferences. Sister Stinky and I made a pilgrimage up north to visit my family. On the way we made a real pilgrimage and stopped at one of my favorite spot in the entire world. I've been visiting it since I was about this little girl's age.

(Carmelite someday?)

Many years later, I grew up and got proposed to by her Daddy on this very spot. :-)

You can see why St. Therese is so special to our family, right?

("Kneel? Pway?"...then look for the perfect leaf, of course.)


This girl is obsessed with her "Dzia-dzia." Obsessed. Can't blame her...I've always been a fan of him myself!


By the time we left Michigan my parents had a serious bug problem. At least it was a cute bug. :-)

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  1. This post = I LOVE! But you knew that already, didn't you?:) Sister Stinky just radiates cuteness!


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