7 Quick Takes

Sooooo...my access to an actual computer is limited but here goes it....

 1. How many other families out there have been under the thumb of the evil Stomach.Flu? This is nastiest strain of it I've ever seen and one of the three of us has been still having symptoms after almost TWO WEEKS!!!

 2. Happy patron saint day to the Abbot! Wish we were all healthy enough to celebrate it!

 3. Tot school is hit or miss these days. We took a very long and much needed sabbatical from it during the fun known as "The Arrival of the Two Year Old Molars."

 4. Interest based learning is the way to go! Sister Stinky practically learned her colors overnight-not from tot school but from life! Love it.

 5. Lesson of the day yesterday? How to work earbuds. You never saw someone look confused.

 6. BUT we do love our music around here and so we used our new earbud listening skill s to indulge in our current addiction:


7. If you don't love that, I'm afraid there is no hope for you. 


  1. Yay for an update! What kind of music does Sister Stinky like listening to? Classical? Liturgical Latin? Jethro Tull? I've never listened to the band, but I know the Abbot likes them:)

  2. HI Michelle, I love your family pictures. If you are the Michele who wrote the book about Adaptive Catechesis I would love to have a conversation with you. My email is srschipa@adphila.org We have a few things in common.
    Sr. Kathleen


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