The Feast of the St. Therese

The Feast of St. Therese is a pretty big deal in our family! It all started when I fell in love with her when I read her autobiography, the summer before my senior year of high school (long before I met the Abbot). When I met the Abbot, I introduced him to her and she became one of the special patron saints of our relationship. Then, during our senior year of college, the Abbot proposed to me on the feast of St. Therese (on the grounds of the Carmelite Monastery I had grown up visiting with my parents and grandparents, no less!) and she became one of the patron saints of our new little family. We always said that when we had a little girl, St. Therese would be one of her patrons...and so the feast of St. Therese is also now one of Sister Stinky's patron saint days!

We celebrated accordingly!

Daily Mass with Mommy and Sister Stinky followed by a trip to our local Carmelite Monastery (wearing our Carmelite browns, of course!)....

Followed by a trip to a very big and very beautiful playground...

Cake making after naptime (this was the part that Sister Stinky was looking forward to ALL DAY LONG...she even wrote her own little song about the cake as we were driving in the car together)...

Followed by a simple spaghetti dinner with the Abbot. So simple. But so full of great love...

Just like St. Therese would want it to be :-)


  1. Ah! I love this post so much!:)Though I do miss SS's Therese costume from last year, haha. Love the statue of St. Therese and what a great use of wine glasses! *HUGS*

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