The Ups and Downs of Tot School

Sister Stinky has been in a rough patch of life lately. Her language acquisition has picked up exponentially and she is very insistent when it comes to saying what she wants to say. If you don't understand what she's saying she gets frustrated, the Abbot and I get frustrated,'s resulting in some growing pains.

We're working through it, but I again find myself having to pray for patience and finding inspiration from the children with special needs that I worked with! One thing that those little ones taught me was the importance of being flexible and creative. Lately, Sister Stinky has been pushing me to think outside the box with her Tot School work.

I was thrilled to finally have a little "Tot School classroom" but it was a real adjustment for Sister Stinky. She missed the old way of doing things. I've been more flexible with the Tot school routine and more lenient with her use of the materials...and she's finally starting to enjoy her new Tot school space! 

But let's be you see that little bug in a box above? We've dubbed her "Lady" (the ladybug) and she has been the key to Tot School success lately. Sister Stinky LOVES her and will do whatever Lady tells her to do. Fortunately, Lady is always telling Sister Stinky to try different activities in the Tot School area.

The transferring work continues to be a favorite around here! I was originally wanting this activity to be a sorting activity, but Sister Stinky seems to have rejected that idea so we've kept is as a transferring activity.

We also have some new Montessori materials on our shelves, including some DIY ones. I'm hoping to dedicate a post to those soon!

Another recent favorite is this simple little harp that we picked up for a dollar at a local church rummage sale. Such a good find! Sister Stinky loves our guitars but this is something she can play with all by herself without us having to worry about her breaking strings. She loves music!

Also coming up soon...per a reader's request...suggestions for toy rotation!

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