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Every weekday morning (just about) Sister Stinky and I have been going to a church about 15 minutes from our house for daily Mass. (Is it just me, or do toddlers behave better at other parishes?) After Mass, we drive another 5-10 minutes to this beautiful little nature preserve. The time outside has been doing wonders for both of us, and - nice as our neighborhood is - I prefer climbing these hills to the ones surrounding our house. Some mornings we even see deer! (Which Sister Stinky sometimes refers to as deer, and other times as "kapi!".


I love my little walking buddy (even if she is a bit chatty some mornings!)

She has her Daddy's eyes. Melts my heart.


You know you have a Montessori toddler when you look down and realize that she is using her stroller's snack tray and the acorns you gave her to make a "transferring activity." (Her favorite practical life activity!)


More and more I'm learning the importance of (humbly) accepting my limitations. I can't do everything perfectly...not by a long stretch! Is breakfast a battle? Cereal in a cup is a good solution...and Sister Stinky actually eats it! Does she refuse to walk for long stretches of the trail? A stroller is alright to use. Too tired or cold? Sometimes it's okay to take the short trail. :-)

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  1. Love the phrase, "You know you have a Montessori toddler when..."! It would be fun to take turns finishing that sentence :)

    1. Isn't that the truth? Anyone else want to chime in?

      By the way...I love your blog, Sarah! Everyone should check out Montessori Messy!

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