Light Box Loveliness

The other morning it was pretty warm...but not warm enough to justify the cost of turning our A/C. Yet, it was still quite warm and we needed an activity that would be nice and, an activity done in a dim room with a breeze drifting in courtesy of the window fan.

So, for Tot school, we closed up the blinds and settled ourselves in for some exploratory play with our DIY light box (that I'll have to make a tutorial for soon!).

(The manipulatives were another example of God providing...I scooped them up for probably less than 50 cents at a rummage sale held out in the foothills of the Ozarks, benefiting these sweet Sisters who live in a community of little trailers out in the country, and drive in to the big city to evangelize some of the people who are impoverished and are living in the inner city. Don't you just love supporting rummage sales like that? If you feel so moved, they would gladly accept any and all donations!)

Sister Stinky has recently become obsessed with circles, so this activity was right up her alley. There really is something to interest-based learning. There was nothing forced about her realization that a circle is a "cir...cle!" but rather it was a discovery filled with delight for her. Hopefully, learning can always be that for her!!!

Also, if you could, please keep this dear mother and her baby in your prayers. Pray for a miracle!

Linking up to Tuesday Tots! Check out Growing a Jeweled Rose for more great toddler play ideas.


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