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I recently re-purposed an old TV stand into a play kitchen for my goddaughter's belated first birthday present. I actually re-purposed an old nightstand for one for Sister Stinky a while back....I'll have to give you a tour of it at some point! I love re-purposing an old, dated piece of furniture into something beautiful.


I recently participated in a sewing survey and this beautiful tin of thread was a part of my thank you gift!


Sister Stinky recently learned how to "say cheese" for the camera. :-)

Sometimes I wonder if anything I teach her in Tot School will stick. Then, I witness a moment like this (spontaneously pouring during an activity!) and I feel so encouraged. She really is growing up!

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  1. I am immensely impressed by your re-purposed play kitchen. That's amazing to me. I just don't have that gene! Hats off to you. I bet your precious daughter gets lots of fun out it and will treasure the thought of it forever.


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