A Montessori-inspired Toddler Room

Sister Stinky is now a full-fledged toddler...no doubt about it! She's fully mobile, curious, and eager for her own space. Although we don't want to move her to a floor bed (at least not yet) because her crib is such a secure place for her, it was time to implement some of the other aspects of a Montessori toddler room.

This room had to be a place where Sister Stinky could freely explore, and where she could have some alone time when she needed. Recently, she's been asking to occasionally have some alone time in her crib, and so this prompted the need for her to have some place (easily accessible) where she could sit and rest. She does have a large armchair in her room (used for when she nurses and cuddles before sleep) that she is fond of climbing up in to, but part of the Montessori philosophy is the importance of having child-sized furniture and spaces. This space was carved out using things we already had on hand. The desk was handmade by Mommy, the chair was one from her Ikea table set, and the small armchair was actually a great find at a free-sale. I also thought it would be nice to make this in to more of a literary corner, so I included the felt board for storytelling and a small basket of books. 

Something that I don't have pictured, but that has also been added in to the room since the rearranging is a shelf for some simple toys (a few puzzles, a box with her favorite small crocheted, wooden, and plastic balls, and a plastic linking set) and a few favorite books.

But the real inspiration for the room makeover was my desire to make her a "care of self" area. I had picked up this small shelf (complete with a rod for hangers) at a garage sale last fall and I knew I wanted to use it for care of self when the time came. When I recently found this small mirror at a church rummage sale...I knew it was time!

Sister Stinky has begun taking an increasing interest in helping us dress her, in practicing combing her hair, etc. This little area provides her with an accessible place to keep her hairbrush, a place to hang her pjs in the morning and her clothes for the next day at nighttime, a small stool (found inexpensively at an antique store and handpainted by Mommy for her first birthday...I love the appropriateness of this quote!), close proximity to the dresser where her clothes are kept, and a mirror to be able to look at herself.

So far she seems to be enjoying the changes. I love that her room has become a space that celebrates her growing independence and her new skills!

(Let it be noted, by the way, that I was able to re-make this room without spending a penny! Also let it be noted that most everything you see in Sister Stinky's room is either thrifted, handed down, handmade, or bought inexpensively. Some people may shy away from the Montessori approach at first glance because it seems expensive, but it is entirely possible to implement the method both beautifully and inexpensively! You just need some patience and creativity.)

Coming soon...a peek at the Deo Gratias Academy tot school!

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  1. Just found your blog via Living Montessori Now. I'm going to subscribe as soonas I finish typing this comment! I love that St.Therese stool, how perfect!

  2. Looks like the room turned out great. Thank you for sharing on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week.


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