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We just (as in a few hours ago) got back from a trip to the Outer Banks with the Abbot's family! If some of the backgrounds in photos looked unfamiliar this week...now you know why!

This is actually a picture taken on the grounds of the beautiful Catholic church we attended while there, which actually faces the Sound (rather than the Atlantic Ocean). Is it a sign of my true love for the Great Lakes that I loved the Sound more than the Ocean because it looked so much like Lake Michigan?


This little Love makes me happy. Every. Single. Day. 


Sister Stinky and I both survived our first plane flights! Hooray! Each time Sister Stinky boarded a new plane (and about a thousand times while on board) she pulled out the safety guidelines and carefully studied them. When she insistently tried to shove it in the face of the very kind older woman sitting beside us at one point, the Abbot apologetically commented to the lady, "She's probably the only one who reads this..."


Spending time with family always reminds me how much I wish our Stinky lived closer to her wonderful grandparents, aunt, and uncles. It just makes me cherish the time we have with them that much more.

I hope you have a wonderful Corpus Christi!


  1. Glad to see the plan ride went well! T has been on around two dozen plane rides and only 1 was a disaster (he had the stomach flu so you can imagine how that went...). Sitting next to older women always seems like the best thing on planes with little ones :)

    The Outer Banks look like so much fun; of course, family makes it even better!


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