I love this beautiful friend of mine and her adorable daughter. So does Sister Stinky.

This morning, we tagged along with them to the local CSA they belong to to help out around the farm. It was lovely. I wish we had a large outdoor space to work in at home!


I love manual work...there's just something so gratifying about it, isn't there? By the time we left, all these carrots (and more) were washed, bundled, and trimmed.


How is it that every toddler is afflicted with "I-think-I'm-bigger-than-I-am-and-therefore-will-attempt-things-that-make-my-mommy's-heart-stop-beating-itis"?

Speaking of which, we had a chicken pox scare with this girl yesterday. You can bet I felt like a total newbie Mama when the nurse practitioner diagnosed Sister Stinky with a bad case of mosquito bites.


Last summer this little girl spent so much time cuddled up with Mommy in a sling. For a few precious moments today I was able to convince her to crawl into this carrier with me. How did she get too big for baby carriers? (True story: there may or may not have been many moments in the past year and a half when I longed for the post-baby-wearing days with all my heart. Turns out that freedom of movement and not lugging around 20 lb. on your back, chest, or hip is not all it's cracked up to be. I kind of like having her there, after all....kind of reminds me of those days of lugging a load of books to "Ye Olde Tower of Florescent Lighting" hand in hand with the Abbot at 11p.m. On a Sunday night. In a foot of snow. Uphill both ways.)

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