You win again, Sister Stinky!

Sooo...I have a sleeping baby in the same room as my camera cord. Which means I can't grace you with (pretty, happy, funny, real) as I was originally hoping to do. Offer it up. I'm all about helping you grow in holiness. BUT I do want to share with you two life changing finds of mine. First of all, I actually found an awesome Catholic supplier I'm now drooling over. Go check out!!!! Secondly, google Camp Patton and prepare to pee your pants with laughter. Repeatedly. I'd give you a link but I'm having technical difficulties. Yet another thing for y'all to offer up. Hope you're all pumped for Pentecost!


  1. Oh, now I know where to get gifts for Sister Stinky!!! I'm loving the "An Alphabet of Mary" book!:)

  2. And I checked out the blog--I've been laughing all night! And you know how I love to laugh:)

  3. I love that Catholic supplier - I kinda want the paper doll priest with various liturgical vestments just for myself!! LOL


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