Yarn Along - Cheese Sandwich!!!

I'm linking up to Ginny's yarn along again this week!

I've mentioned that we have some trips coming up over this summer, and so I've been hard at work making some travel toys for Sister Stinky! One of the projects is this crocheted sandwich. I was able to get some work done on the bread while sitting at the park watching the Abbot play with Sister Stinky on Mother's Day. Talk about a lovely location to crochet!

The orange I'm using is actually cotton...my first foray into cotton! I'm really enjoying the texture and the lightweight feel. It was on sale at Michael's for $1 (about a third of the usual price) and I just couldn't pass it up!!

I've been skim reading (as I am wont to do) the Duggar's latest book. Although we come from very different faith backgrounds I find that many, many of our values are the same. I admire them sooo much for their tremendous witness to the sanctity of life and marriage. And I just love how down to earth they are! They make family life look so beautiful, and it's a true inspiration!

Hope you're enjoying your week! Halfway through!


  1. Cute sandwiches. :) Those Duggers most certainly have quite the testimony when it comes to the sanctity of life!

    Visiting from Ginny's,

    ~Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley :)

  2. What brand is it? I don't remember if I've ever used 100% cotton or not. But sounds like a killer sale!! And I am SOOO impressed by your sandwich - are you using patterns at all for these things? I can't believe how quickly you've mastered knitting and crocheting!!

  3. Your knitting is great! I just finished a hat for T and he is so excited (apparently he thinks it is a Notre Dame hat because it is blue?)
    That hat took me three knitting lessons, too! Are you using patterns and tutorials or just making it up? I am getting so frustrated because I find seeing so easy but knitting just messes with my head!
    Oh, and I had a super long response to your last post that got deleted by my phone, oh well!

    1. And by seeing, I mean sewing. Although seeing is pretty easy too...

    2. Martha, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Michele's last post if you'd like to share them! And Michele, what a cool idea to knit toys!


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