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This little girl enjoyed a trip to the beautiful Lake Michigan. I enjoyed watching her take it all in!


I got to "walk" at the graduation for the graduate school of my alma mater. I officially graduated from my program last fall but it was still nice to share this day with my little family and with some dear friends who graduated from the same program.


I love that we've entered the imaginative play phase of life. Love. Love. Love.


My parents' church (the church we were married in) was recently redone. Isn't it beautiful? This church is probably my favorite place in the world. When I was going through childbirth classes and they asked you to visualize the most peaceful place you knew, I pictured this place every time. It was so nice to take my daughter to this special place and be able to pray together there!


  1. We love Lake Michigan! The lake is 10 degrees cooler this year where we go, which made the trip a lot of fun. In years past it would be in the 40's and we'd only run in for a quick bit just to say we got in! Lovely church, too!

  2. I'm soooo glad I was able to see you for a short while and to graduate with you again!:) And the church looks lovely! Great photos!


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