Last night was one of those looooong nights that any parent of an infant or toddler is all too familiar with so I bring you....a picture intensive post!

Last Sunday we stopped at the beautiful Carmelite Monastery not far from where we live - home to some wonderful Carmelite nuns! Their chapel is filled with all sorts of little shrines to various saints and they have adoration every day...it's pretty much one of the best places ever! 

Sister Stinky is beginning to develop a relationship with the Eucharistic Jesus. For real. 

Often, when we drive past a Catholic Church (it has to be somewhat traditional/identifiable as a church) Sister Stinky will (without prompting) say, "Hi, Jee!" (Translation: "Hi, Jesus!" They are on nickname basis, after all.) She's also become a pro at telling Jesus in the tabernacle "bye" as we leave Mass, and blowing Him a kiss. 

Don't let anyone tell you that babies and toddlers aren't capable of understanding the Real Presence! It is a reality for this little girl!


The Abbot is fully on board with Sister Stinky's language acquisition. (That girl is in to words in a BIG way!!!) One of the newest words they've been working on? Mary! It comes out more like, "Mair....."

(We're also trying to teach her how to say "please". Unfortunately, she taught herself how to give the sign of peace at Mass before she learned the word "please". So, every time we ask her to say "please" she gives us the sign of peace. Classic.)


We attended a friend's birthday party this week. (And by friend, I mean Therese's friend. He was turning two.) Our goddaughter was in attendance. She and Sister Stinky are seven months apart but she follows Sister Stinky everywhere she goes and they actually both just recently learned how to walk. I love these two. :-)


Auntie Leila, who hosts "Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real" at Like Mother, Like Daughter requested to see how our prayer corners are looking. These are some pictures a snapped earlier in the Easter season of Sister Stinky's prayer corner. The "real" part? This many days in to the Easter Season, this corner isn't looking as pristine as it once was.....

Have a great Thursday! I hope you're blessed with some sunny weather, too, today!


  1. That Cloister is beautiful!
    Isn't it great how in LOVE little ones can be with Saints and such? T is fixed on Saint Rita and begs to pray to her, he even prays novenas to her! Every night at our family rosary, he grabs a monstrance we have with a relic of Saint Rita, elevates her like the priest does at Mass, makes sure everyone kisses her, and then places her back on the altar- adorable!

    Good luck on the plane ride for both you and Sister Stinky!!


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