It's almost time for the Triduum to begin!

A few links and thoughts to share...

First of all, if you haven't already, you must check out Marc's Holy Week reflections. Actually, you must check out the Bad Catholic blog in its entirety if you haven't already!

Secondly, I stumbled across some great resources for Lent and catechesis in the home over at these two blogs. The latter is especially useful if you have any interest in "Godly play" which is very similar to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd in some ways. In fact, after reading through this blog, I have to say that the catechetical presentations in this little domestic monastery probably more closely resemble Godly play at this stage, but they will hopefully progress to resemble more CGS as Sister Stinky gets older. (More on the difference some other time, but basically, Godly play is more focused on letting little ones learn through playing with catechetical materials while CGS works within a more Montessori mindset and is focused on the "work" of the child using the catechetical materials. Confused? We'll come back to this at some point in the future...in the meantime, check out those blogs!)

I'm going silent for the Triduum, but I'll figure out some way to post the Holy Thursday and Good Friday posts in the meantime. (They'll either be posted right after this or be scheduled to post on those days...we'll see what I can manage!)


  1. I love the Bad Catholic blog! He's quite funny and what he writes about Catholicism is sooo true! I hope you ae having a great Holy Week!


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