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I just checked out the blog stats and I wanted to take an opportunity to give a shout-out to all of our international readers. Welcome! I'm so glad you could drop by. (Especially to that special reader/best friend of mine in Honduras...)

And now allow me to share with you some pictures of our post-Mass walk on Sunday. We discovered a lovely little park that's on our way home. It will definitely be a much frequented retreat this summer :-)


We've had some extra fussiness around these parts due to our brand new little walker and the cold she caught this past week. In my rough points, I've been telling myself, "Remember, this is your vocation. Motherhood is a kenosis."

A priest friend of ours told the Abbot and I (separately and on different occasions!) that motherhood is a "kenosis." In particular, I think he was referring to my current state of being an at home mother after previously working full time and being a grad student. 

"Kenosis" (keh-no-siss) is the theological term used to describe the "emptying out" that occurred in the Incarnation. That is, when God the Son (who as God was all powerful from all eternity) became a tiny baby in His mother's womb for our sake. One who was so great made Himself so very small (while still remaining fully divine, mind you). The God who created all things (for through the Word, the Son, all was created) became a helpless infant. Why? Because He loves us.


Having two theology degrees and six years of theological studies under my belt, I'm well aware of this Church teaching. The Abbot and I have both long been able to articulate this reality, a reality for which we are very grateful. What greater gift is there than the gift of that tiny babe born in Bethlehem?


But this recent comment of our priest friend has had me thinking. I long knew that my vocation (as a wife and mother) was the way in which God wanted me to bring His love into the world, but sometimes that's easy to forget in the nitty-gritty, food-smeared-everywhere and house-smelling-like-poopy-diapers everyday life of a mom. I often find that I get so lost in getting through the day that I often forget to recognize God in my daily life. 

Now, I've found a new way. In the midst of a particular difficult moment, one in which I may be questioning my worth as a mother (and in particular as an at home mother these days), I remind myself, "Motherhood is a kenosis."


Out of love for my daughter, I am learning to make myself littler. I'm learning to stoop down to her level and see things through her eyes. I'm learning to put aside my own wants in order to meet her little needs. I'm learning that giving up my whole life for the sake of raising her and loving her sweet father is a real kenosis. Every mother, whether she is a mother who works outside of the home or at home (and I can say this having been on both sides of this fence!) knows this kenosis. She knows what it's like to make yourself littler, more approachable, and to reorganize your priorities in order to surround your spouse and children with your love whenever they need it. It may need you don't "advance" as far in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of God you are doing something very precious - you are demonstrating the love of God to your family. Through the simple, everyday acts of motherhood - the kisses and hugs, the listening to a toddler babble to you, the getting up in the middle of the night to tend to a crying child, etc. - you allow God to work through your love to show His love. In your littleness and humility, God can work great and hidden things through you. 

This same is true, by the way, for spiritual mothers - those who are married without children and those who are single. Each time God calls a woman to be a mother - either on the physical or spiritual level (or both!) - He invites her to share in His love. He invites her to learn to love in littleness. 

What a gift it is to be a woman.

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  1. such a lovely post, thank you for sharing.
    i don't know if you were able to email about the pockets, but here i am:

    thank you so much!

  2. Such a sweet post. It's a good reminder, yet at the same time the challenge remains while you are in the trenches of motherhood. It does get easier though, when they are three and four and onwards.

  3. This is such a great reminder to apply what we intellectually know to our practical lives. I have had one of THOSE weeks where nothing seems to be going well: a tantrum throwing 2 year old, a non-napping just teething one year old, and an exhausted momma in her third trimester that just wants a quiet nap!! I will have to start repeating this to myself and I will let you know if it works :)

  4. You are such a good mama--what a nice blog here!! Your daughter is beautiful!!

    Thank you for all your prayers, I really appreciate it!


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