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So now...on to a continuation of our conversation yesterday.


I love watching the Abbot and Sister Stinky together.

Which brings me to our topic today...God provides!

Back when I was beginning my Junior year of college and had had my heart broken by yet another guy, I sat down and made a list of the things that I would absolutely need in a future husband. (This list was inspired by  a show on EWTN...as much as I'd like to claim the idea for my own genius.) I sat in my dorm's chapel and prayed about it and wrote it out, and as I did I realized that the guy that had most recently broken my heart didn't fit the list in the slightest. So, I put it aside and told God that I trusted that He would provide me with someone if it was His will.

Within a few days I met the Abbot (although we wouldn't officially "meet" for a few more weeks...he was part of my life within a matter of days of writing that list!).

I look back on how much I (and pretty much all the girls and many of the guys I've been friends with) worried or worry about finding their vocation. Then, I look at how the gift of my vocation ended up actually being given to me...and when the time came, it was a true gift. All my efforts could not have resulted in better timing or a better spouse than the one I have.

The same is true with the gift of our Sister Stinky. We weren't given her as quickly as we had hoped, and at first it looked as if we would have difficulty having a child...and yet when the time was right we were given her. Knowing couples who have had difficulty having a child, I am even more grateful for Sister Stinky, and even more aware of how undeserving the Abbot and I are of her. 

Both my marriage and my daughter are instances of the way in which God has provided for me.

You see....I thought I was going to be called to be a nun.


Can you make out those little tiny beaks! Sister Stinky isn't the only baby around here anymore!

Although I always had a strong attraction for the opposite gender, I also always had a strong attraction for God. I loved (and love!) God so very much, and felt that maybe He was calling me to religious life. Maybe that was how I was meant to be holy. Although, a part of me very much wanted to get married, I couldn't imagine that I could possibly attain true holiness in marriage.

How very wrong I was.


We had to move this lovely little slide to the other side of the yard 
because the birds were mistaking it for a toilet.

My whole life, I have struggled with the need to do things perfectly and to be in control of them. Although religious life would have undoubtedly had its challenges for me, married/family life has proven itself to be extremely messy at times. As cute and loveable as these two people in my life are, they can be very unpredictable, and when they need their needs met they need their needs met! (If you don't believe me, just visit our house around dinner time. Neither one of these loves of mine takes well to an empty stomach.) 

Yet, through that, God has provided for me in a most wonderful way...He has provided graces for me that I knew that have helped me to grow in ways that are both painful and necessary. Through my love of these two, I've learned that it's okay for things to not be perfect (and oftentimes impossible for them to be perfect!) and that I am not in control of everything. God is! Slowly, I am learning to trust Him.


I'm learning how to purl stitch. Any advice from seasoned knitters?

Like the little birds above, I'm learning that if I simply trust that God will continually fill my beak with food (so to speak) I will not be disappointed. I could list so many different instances of this, but the way that has really stuck out to me lately is the fact that God has provided the Abbot and I so many abilities by way of handmade arts. As I've mentioned before, we are on an extremely tight student stipend budget, but we aren't wanting in the least. In fact...we even have a few extras in our life. These come to us in a variety of ways, but some of the most precious ones (like many of Sister Stinky's beautiful toys) have come to us through the work of our own hands - woodworking, knitting, crocheting, sewing...we've found that God has blessed the two of us (I'll let you guess whose gift is whose) with many gifts to make the things that our family needs and wants without spending a fortune. 

How has God provided for you and your family?

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  1. considering the fact that i've seen some of your amazing woodworking, and sewing, AND crocheting, i'm getting worried that your hubs might feel self-conscious about not having any talents....jk ;)

  2. This was great! I really need to trust the "God will provide" thing more right now. We are the same in that I could not even begin to list the ways that God has provided throughout the last few years, it is just a little harder to trust in that when you are in the midst of waiting for something to come through.
    And you purl stitch looks great! I have started lessons recently and the kids are loving the toys they are getting made and the washcloths that they get (I am not quite to sweaters yet...)

    Lastly, be on the lookout for an email- I need to send you one soon about the saint finger puppets!


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