Alleluia!!!! He is risen. Truly He is risen!

Who else here was SOOO ready for Easter? I hope you are all soaking up the octave!

Thank goodness Easter is an octave...there hasn't been tons of celebrating going on around here, but there will be as of tomorrow at noon! That's when the Abbot will officially be done taking the first year exams for his doctoral program! If you could please say a prayer for him that would be much appreciated. The poor guy had dreams about Arias the other night. Do you know how scary the Arians are? (Not to be confused with this Arius. The day the Abbot starts dreaming about that we're going to have to put him in some kind of support group or recovery program for overworked theologians.) Denying Christ's divinity and all? Poor guy. I can think of less scary heretics to dream about...not the gnostics, though. Those guys scare me in a big way.

Anyways...let's stop talking about heretics and talk about some highlights from the Octave so far, shall we?


So this year, being the first Easter of our married life that I wasn't terribly sick and pregnant or caring for a small baby I finally got to make my mom's paschal bread! This bread is the taste of Easter for me. This is the first Easter that I wasn't able to see my mom, so having some of this bread made me feel closer to her. And, I made seven loaves of it! (No, we didn't keep it all for ourselves, haha. Yes, I did consider it...)


  Did any other Polish kid out there grow up receiving beautiful painted wooden eggs for Easter? I was blessed in that respect...Polish Paska bread, polish sausage, and Pisanki (the Polish name for these eggs) on Easter. I grew up with Pisanki that were actually made in Poland. Sadly, my attempts at making Pisanki are nowhere near as beautiful as those, but I don't think it turned out too badly. The above were for my goddaughter (who is also part Polish!) and I made a set for Sister Stinky, too.


Today, there was a post-grad volunteer fair held at the Abbot's university. Sister Stinky and I represented the graduate program I completed last summer. I know at least one of my readers is a fellow alumna and would appreciate this! It's fitting that Sister Stinky represent with me, since I spent a good portion of my apprenticeship with her either in utero, under my desk at work, or sitting beside me in my home office. She even made an appearance halfway through my comprehensive exams so I could nurse her. She certainly earned her nickname of "Echo baby!"


Tell me you wouldn't sign up for a program run by Sister Stinky?

If you signed up you may just receive an already been chewed pita chip. Free of charge. I was offered one.


This little one is really growing up. She has really taken off in the walking department, as of Easter Sunday.

It was a good Triduum, but a long one. Sister Stinky did well, all things considered. Although, she did knock out a portion of the Abbot's tooth before the Good Friday service, thus causing us to go alone while he got some unplanned dental work done. And she did scream throughout much of the Easter Vigil. But, other than that, I'm pretty proud of her :-)

I think she and I have both come a long way since last Triduum. I'm learning so much more about letting go and trusting that God is calling me to pray in new ways. This was reaffirmed for me by some of the beautiful homilies given throughout the Triduum. One of the themes seemed to be a call to love Christ in return for His love for us...especially by showing patience and understanding to those in our lives. Does any parent of a toddler not need that reminder from time to time?

One of the best parts of the Triduum for me was sitting in the cry room with a very unhappy Sister Stinky, watching everyone renew their baptismal vows and receive a blessing with holy water. Our wonderful pastor (I can't emphasize enough how wonderful a pastor he is!) spotted us in the cry room and dragged the altar server back there to make sure he blessed us with holy water, too! Not only did he bless us, but he did so so lovingly and with such joy that it filled my heart with the peace and joy of the resurrection. What a gift!

I hope that your Easter Octave is filled with many such reminders!

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  1. Oh my gosh, there's so much to love about this post! Such great Easter traditions. And the Echo onesie is FANTASTIC! You are so creative:) And Sister Stinky in the pink ruffles? *heart melts* I need to get down south....

    On Good Friday, we were able to venerate the 12-foot copper cross that has been atop our steeple for over 100 years because they took it down for repairs. There was also a relic of the True Cross (I was too short to reach and touch it:( )and it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I took pictures, of course:)


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