God provides...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

I've really been wanting to build up a nice yarn stash lately, and God has really provided in this area! Last weekend, I found some great yarn on sale while I was out running errands, and then today...well...

First, I found all of this yarn at a local rummage sale. For less than a dollar (total!). Did I mention some of it is WOOL yarn?!!:

Then, I got home and found out that the inexpensive yarn I'd bought online had also come in:

All of this has me thinking about how God provides for our little family in such beautiful ways (like helping me find good and inexpensive yarn on a tight budget). Of course, He has provided for us in some very big ways, too!

Hop on over to here to read a good post on a similar subject, and then come back here tomorrow to think more about this with me.

In the meantime...time for a giveaway!!!

Yarn is more fun when it's shared, right? And I could use a new project to work on...

So.....one lucky winner will win a hand knit or crocheted yarn saint doll, much like this one. To enter, just leave a comment below telling me which saint you'd chose and who this doll would be for. Giveaway closes Sunday night at 11:59 p.m.

(Also, if there is a real interest from those who don't win, please let me know and I'd be glad to offer this in my etsy shop! See sidebar.)


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Its Emily from college- I know Jeffery would love one, would be great for mass as it wouldn't make a loud crash when he decides to hurl it over the pew in front of us. Probably St. Michael as we consider him Jeffery's patron. Those are so cute! Hope you are doing wonferfully!

  2. I would choose St. John Vianney for my son whose due date is Friday (eep!). We have almost determined to name him John Arthur (we'll decide for certain after we see him), and of course, can't agree whether to name him for John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, or John Vianney. However, the latter is a wonderful model for any boy, and as his mother, I would be delirious with joy if God called him to the priesthood. So there you go. Happy knitting!


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