Toward the end of the 40 days...

In the readings for these last few days of Lent, Jesus is making it clear that not everyone is a follower of His. It is interesting to be finishing up this Lenten journey in the midst of the debate about the HHS mandate. Taking a stand for the freedom to practice our faith is an opportunity to show that we are followers of Christ!

I very much hope that you were able to make it to one of the Religious Freedom rallies! Sister Stinky and I were able to make it to one at our state capitol and the turnout was pretty amazing.

I'll be sharing more about that tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to ask you to keep in prayer all those priests (some of whom you may know) who may not be taking the kind of stand they should on this important issue and perhaps confusing their faithful. Please pray for the conversion of these dear men. (Please also pray for those priests who are standing strong that they may continue to do so!)

I'll leave you with this great take on these and other recent events.


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