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Another sunny, warm day here! I love living south of the frozen tundra where we spent so many years!


This picture is from almost EXACTLY two years ago, and is actually one of our first family pictures. (It was taken at the wedding of a dear friend. Sister Stinky had just been accepted as a postulant and had taken up residence in our home (granted, she was a few millimeters big). EXACTLY two years ago today, Sister Stinky began stinking up our little monastery by giving Mommy terrible all-day sickness! So happy we're not dealing with that today. :-)


While we're on the subject, here's Sister Stinky at the beginning of last March. Look at the lack of hair! You'll also notice that Lord Buzz-buzz, viceroy of Crinkletown (as her Granddad dubbed her firefly) was still a staple in her life.


And now our little Sister Stinky is a TMD (Toddler of Mass Destruction). God has a way of keeping you humble, doesn't He?

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  1. Sister Stinky...that is too cute!

  2. i see us in the background!!! that pic of you two is soooo cute :) :)


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