"Lord, You are really smart!"

So, Sister Stinky has entered a phase of life in which a short list of things are necessary for a fuss-free trip in the car (and by "trip" I mean even the 10 minute drive we take to drop The Abbot off at school each day).

It's enough to make a Mommy miss these traveling days:

Anyway, her current list of must-haves includes...
1. Mary Jane (because baby dolls are "real" in her mind and must not be left unattended)
2. a stack of books
3. a sippy cup (and possibly a snack)
4. Catholic radio

Yes, Sister Stinky and I have just discovered Catholic radio. Surprised that we didn't discover it soon? So am I!

Anyway, Mother Angelica repeats are always playing just as we drop the Abbot off for the day. I really forgot how much I love Mother Angelica's no-nonsense, down-to-earth theology! MUCH needed for a family with four theology degrees who can kind of get lost traipsing through the trails of the Summa. (On a total side note, the Abbot's current school doesn't really have an Thomists...can you imagine?!!!)

Anyway, Mother Angelica was talking the other day about a time when she prayed the following prayer, "Lord, You are really smart!" The sister she was with was surprised by that prayer and she responded, "What? Didn't you ever tell our Lord He's really smart? Because He is!"

So often we find ourselves stuck in the rut of praying the same old way - often praying prayers of petition. Lent, with it's three-fold focus on Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, is a perfect opportunity to grow in our prayer life. This means finding new ways to pray, such as Mother Angelica's candid prayer.

It means taking time, too, for prayers of sorrow this Lent - asking God for forgiveness for our sins. It also means time to pray prayers of thanksgiving!

This is probably the most forgotten form of prayer! Too often, wrapped up in our worries and shortcomings, we forget to thank God for the abundant blessings He has given us!

On our tiny student stipend budget, I'm very guilty of this one. We have been tremendously blessed, despite our small income, and God has provided for us in some very beautiful and unexpected ways. Yet, too often, I find myself lost in worries about finances.

Praying a prayer of thanksgiving often snaps me out of it.

In a world that promises us happiness via material goods, it's easier to forget that God offers us happiness outside the realm of materialism. God gives us the grace to truly enjoy material things in their proper order, rather than being controlled by our desires for them.

(Poor Sister Stinky is often controlled by her inordinate desire for a ball.)

By focusing on the beautiful gifts God has given us, and by careful attentiveness to the gifts that He is in the process of giving us (no matter how great or small!) we slowly begin to learn contentment. This is a daily struggle, but one that we battle with the help of God's grace.

This days, I'm so grateful for the beautiful spring weather...yet another one of those precious God-given gifts!

Sister Stinky calls....time to soak up some sun!


  1. Eesh I remember those car rides! If it helps, I don't remember them lasting long with T. However, I just counted and we have done 8 24 hour+ car trips with the kids so maybe they are just used to entertaining themselves?
    T has now gotten to the point of getting upset if he does not like what is on the radio (Momma, I do not wike dis one, pwease change it now!) so we keep a reserve of 2 kids singing CDs for car rides. We are taking the kids down to the border (with Mexico) this weekend and I have a feeling we will be listening to a lot of "The Wheels on the Bus" :)


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