7 Quick Takes Friday


We're coming to the end of the first week of this blog! So exciting!

As I may have mentioned, Sister Stinky wakes up at the crack of the dawn (actually before the crack of dawn). Thankfully, she and I are both morning people so this isn't too awful. It also means that I get to watch plenty of morning news that sometimes gets my blood boiling (thus eliminating the need for caffeine of any sort). This morning, our usual news program wasn't on so I had to flip over to the Today Show for my morning news fix. Talk about blood boiling! This morning they interviewed a "birth control activist" who clearly was under the mistaken impression that "women's health" is defined by a little pill that actually does women's bodies harm. Not to mention the fact that she (and she is representative of many others) thinks that there are just some old-fashioned crazies out there who think that birth control is wrong! Hmmm...what about those young, intelligent women who are neither old-fashioned nor crazies who happen to have chosen a life that doesn't include birth control? I'm tired of the prevalence of these inaccurate stereotypes about women who have chosen natural family planning, abstinence, or....shock....openness to LIFE over birth control.

Speaking of openness to life, the life of our house is in a hitting stage. Any suggestions from seasoned moms?

In the interest of full disclosure, I thought you may be comforted to know that no matter how carefully I prepare an environment for Sister Stinky, she still often tears through it with total abandon. That's why I occasionally find a prayer card with the Pope's picture on it sitting in a random corner of the living room.

On a more serious note, please keep in your prayers all those who have felt the effects of the severe storms in these lower parts of the Midwest. Although the area we live in was not directly affected by the storms, some areas not far from us have seen real damage. Please pray for all those who have lost homes or loved ones in the wake of these storms.

How do you all feel about praying the Stations of the Cross? I typically struggle to stay focused when praying this devotion in group settings, but our parish has been using the lovely version by St. Alphonsus Liguori. I highly recommend it! 

Speaking of taking up your cross, the Abbot has just brought Sister Stinky in the room thus signaling the end of my morning break! Have a blessed Friday!


  1. Hmm hitting... T mainly hits his brother or just throws things but I think we went through that phase last year. I am guessing that it was very short since I don't remember it! What do you do for punishment? We just make T look us in the eyes, apologize, and then go to the corner. But Sister Stinky might be too young for that? Both boys also like the book "Hands are not for Hitting" that is part of a series about playing nicely- maybe try that?


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