Tutorial: DIY felt board

When I was growing up, my mother taught preschool and pre-kindergarten at our small Catholic school. One of the many perks of her having this job (other than the fact that she would occasionally let my sister and I buy a can of Lipton iced tea from the pop machine...ohhhh...love thee Lipton...) was getting to play with all the toys in her classroom. One of the coolest toys was her felt board.

Do you remember felt boards from when you were growing up? So simple, yet so satisfying! Endless possibilities for storytelling!

As I've been accumulating toys for my daughter (we LOVE making our own toys and searching for quality second hand finds!) I was happy to see that felt boards are still very much in vogue. From storytime at the library to the pages of Pinterest, felt boards abound!

Another lovely thing about felt boards is that they are so affordable to make! The project I'm about to share with you cost me nothing, because I already had the materials, but were you to buy them it would cost you less than a $1.50!

Start with a simple dollar store frame:

Remove the glass and backing, so you can see what you have to work with:

Next, take a small piece of felt, the kind of pre-cut craft felt that they sell for 25-30 cents at your local craft store. Lay the glass from the frame on top of the felt, and trim the felt accordingly. (I would suggest cutting the felt to be slightly larger than the glass so that it stays securely lodged in the frame.)

Put your felt piece in your frame, and re-secure the backing. Do NOT put the glass back in. (You may consider putting a thin piece of cardboard between the felt and the backing, in order to make the felt surface feel sturdier.)

Done! You now have your very own child-sized felt board! (The pieces shown here are from a Liturgical calendar toy that's in the works.) The possibilities for this kind of a toy are endless! It can be used as a tool to learn about the faith, a literacy aide, or even just for simple imaginative play.

Now just grab the nearest child (or a post-nap Sister Stinky, if you are so blessed) and start playing!
Still to come this week...our first giveaway! Here's a hint...I can't STAND the lack of quality Catholic toys on the market and I'm taking a stand. Stay tuned!

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  1. This is great! The boys are totally NOT interested in anything crafty I try to do with them. Unless it involves dirt, big trucks, airplanes, swords/weapons, or balls they are very much opposed. However T has started to show interest in Saint George (his middle name) so I might have to make one with dragons and swords and of course Saint George. Thanks for the idea!!


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